ready to book your wedding dance lessons?Wedding First Dance Lessons: Step-by-step Guide

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1. What's involved with your wedding dance lessons

Valerie & Andrew - Wedding Dance Couple - Married in May 2007The first dance song

  • You tell us the song you want to learn a dance routine to
  • If you can't decide between a couple of songs your wedding dance teacher can help you decide
  • If you have no idea what song to choose, see our Popular First Dance Songs page.

The dance experience required

  • No previous dance experience is required
  • It's really easy for non-dancers to be taught how to move around to the music
  • You'll be amazed at how quickly you pick it up

The dance routine & dance style

  • Traditional, Fun, Cheeky, Romantic, Sophisticated, Fast, Slow... You choose!
  • We will create a routine suitable for you. Easy, straightforward or complicated, it's up to you.
  • The dance style will be appropriate to the song you choose
  • The routine we create for you will evolve with your input, so you won't have anything too hard to do, or that you're uncomfortable with
  • The routine will also be designed with the bride's dress in mind

The dance lessons timeframe

  • You can have any number of lessons from a single 1 hour lesson upwards.
  • You'll need 5 hours of lessons if you want a fully choreographed routine to a standard song
  • Lessons can be once a week, or fortnight, or whatever suits you.
  • We recommend you get in touch with us around 12 weeks before your wedding. If your wedding is nearer than that, don't worry as we can usually fit something in... even if your wedding is next week!

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