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TV Dance Shows are Enticing More Grooms onto the Dance floor

First Dance UK Press Release - 3rd December 2009

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  • Choreographed routines for couples for their first dance

First Dance UK, the leading UK wedding dance company, announces today that it has seen a significant increase in the number of soon-to-be grooms booking the dance lessons for their first dance at their wedding.
The days of newly weds clinging tightly together and shuffling around in circles for their first dance finally seem to be numbered!

With Strictly Come Dancing reaching its climax on TV as we speak, plus the increasing number of other dance shows on TV, grooms are losing their inhibitions like never before. They have seen how the male celebrities progress quickly each week and how good they look without having any previous dance experience. The soon-to-be grooms want a piece of the action and so are looking to have dance lessons to do something really special for their first dance.

Susie & Derek, a recent First Dance UK couple, were married on 7th November 2009. Their first dance was ‘The wonder of you’ by Elvis.

Derek, who avidly follows Strictly Come Dancing, commented, “ Like most guys I can boogie at parties, but that's about it. I knew that Susie wanted the icing on the cake so to speak, and having been forced to watch 'Strictly' (in truth there wasn't that much forcing about it!), I saw that guys like myself with limited dancing experience could turn out something quite presentable. It was amazing how quickly we got our routine worked out - with expert help - and I think that I didn't embarrass Susie too much on the night! ”

Susie, the bride, commented, “ Of course every girl wants to impress on her big day and it was a very special occasion for both of us, with lots of friends and family and in a totally wonderful location. We met sailing, so it was only appropriate that we got married on a ship - but with that comes uneven floors and all sorts of other hazards. Our teacher understood entirely and in no time we had a routine locked in and were confident that we would impress! ”

Traditionally it has been the bride who has made the arrangements for the wedding dance classes. This is because the grooms have often been reluctant to go ahead with it… right up until their first lesson. It’s only once they begin the lessons that they realise how enjoyable dancing can be.

This trend is however changing and more grooms are not only in favour of learning to dance, but they’re also more often the ones placing the bookings.

With a network of over 350 dance teachers and choreographers across the UK and Ireland, First Dance UK provides private dance lessons to teach couples a unique choreographed dance routine to ‘their song’ for their first dance.

Gemma Rogers, Partner of First Dance UK commented:
“ It’s great to see that the grooms are finally realising dancing is for everyone and is such fun. We’ve always had positive feedback from the guys once the dance lessons have started, but to have them leading the way is fantastic! ”

Every routine for every couple is special, but some are certainly more unusual than others. First Dance UK has taught couples the ‘Dirty Dancing’ routine; taught wedding parties the ‘Thriller’ dance; taught couples the twist routine from ‘Pulp Fiction’; and taught medleys when the couple want to change their dance halfway through from a traditional song to a fun & funky dance track.

The wedding dance lessons take place in the couple’s own home for their comfort and ease.

First Dance UK wedding dance lessons cost from £60 (inc VAT) upwards. Prices depend on the number of hours of lessons required.

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First Dance UK specialises in dance lessons for weddings. First Dance UK has choreographers and dance teachers throughout the UK and Ireland.

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